Vision Balance & Brain Balance For Parents
Similar to our Brain Builder Labs, simply focused on the parents point of view to help their children improve processing skills for academic and lifelong success. Homeschooling and Unschooling families welcome!

Hosted by:Brite Future Events
Kristine Baranowski

Several classes coming first week of April
Times to be announced 3/18/13
Carefree Hwy & 17
call 602-616-1438 for information


For the Classroom

Hosted by: Brite Future Events

Sat May 11th 2013
9:00 - 6:00pm

This is a hands on clinic geared for teachers, but perfectly fitted for parents, OT, PT, ST, MTs, aids, parapro and tutors. You will be given the tools overcome some of the biggest challenges your students can throw at you. You will learn fun exercises that will help students (and adults) with our without learning challenges or special needs. Learn how to help cognitive function, attention, reading, spelling, math facts, memory, behavior issues, auditory and visual processing, and so much more.

First thing you will learn - how to flush what you read in each students file. It does not matter! IQ- behaviors - attitude- grade level delays - gifted? Whatever it says - tomorrow will be a new day for both you and your students. The past labels will no longer be important.

*Sensory issues that children face in the classrooms, and the behaviors that stem from trying to adapt.

* Vision problems the school vision screening does not look for that cause learning and attention issues, and how to fix it.
*How to adapt your teaching style to fit every childs needs, simply and without adding weeks worth of work to your schedule.
*How to assess each student simply and use your new tool box to reach every child rather than allow them to fall through the cracks.

You will take with you tools and ideas
you can implement immediately into daily classroom life. And the manual that will help you remember all the cool stuff you just learned when you get back to your students. You will have practiced what you have learned so you will be confident in your abilities to use these tools.

certificate of completion for
8 contact hours provided.

Early Registration: Before April 20 $89
After April 21st $110
Only 20 spaces Available

Please call Kristine at
602-616-1438 if you would like
to pay with cash or school PO

(no cancellations after May 4th)


NEW Event
Arizona Fly Day
Sky Kids Logo

April 13th 2013
Goodyear Airport
This is an amazing event that can use our support to keep going!
If you are a pilot, or would just like to volunteer, please contact me or Sky Kids directly. This is a great group of people that worked very hard on the Challenge Air Events in 2009 and 2010.
Challenge Air decided not to continue in Arizona, but that did not stop these amazing people from keeping an incredible event going for our kids! :o)

If you are a pilot, or would just like to volunteer
click here to email Sky Kids!

This is the old flyer for 2012 event - new one not available yet...

Bal-a-vis-x Training
Trainer: Bill Hubert
None currently scheduled in AZ for 2013 at this point.

Visit the new BAVX site for available trainings with Bill Hubert.

Plan your vacation around a training.
Bill will be in Singapore, Scotland, Paris and Belgum in 2013.

The Long Island NY group is great if you are up for a trip to the Big Apple in July...

Anyone up for a trip to Scotland?

Let us know if your organization is interested in hosting a training. We would put everything together for you, and lower your training costs.


No dates currently scheduled
Please contact us if you would like us to add this to
our calendar again